CMV Total Testing: Effective August 5th, 2016

Posted on Wednesday, July 27th, 2016 | 10:38 am

We have been notified by Immucor that they will not be able to supply CMV Total reagents to their customers, which is the reagent UNILAB currently uses.  This reagent is expected to become available mid-September 2016.

Effective August 5th, 2016, we will be sending all CMV Antibody Total testing to Memorial Blood Bank (FDA registration number FEI:0021170665) to perform testing using Beckman Coulter’s PK CMV PA which is approved by the FDA for screening HCT/P donors.

When sending FDA donor panels, please collect a total of 4 lavender EDTA plasma tubes to ensure there is sufficient plasma for MPX and CMV testing.

For clients that are only ordering CMV Total Antibody, which if positive is then reflexed to CMV Antibody IgM, please collect 1 lavender EDTA plasma and 1 SST tube.

We have taken these measures to ensure there will be no interruption in testing of donors.  We will keep you informed of any additional changes and when we resume testing in UNILAB.

Please contact UNILAB should you have any questions regarding this change at (954) 792-7422.

Thank you.

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