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The laboratory is responsible for 75% of the information in a patient’s medical record. The Schuynet system is designed to serve as a central repository for all routine information processing related to diagnostic testing in a practice.

Web-based Technology

  • Allows access by authorized physicians and staff either at the office or remotely.
  • No lengthy software installations on office computers to get up and running.
  • Order entry and results viewing in one system.
  • Ready accessibility to patient data improves patient care by reducing the amount of time spent looking for patient records and waiting to receive test results.

Improved Workflow and Productivity

  • Custom test panels available for commonly ordered groups of tests decreases time spent ordering and minimizes errors associated with missing or incorrect entries.
  • Eliminates the possibility of duplicate tests being ordered as well as other errors associated with either online or paper reporting.
  • Past results are immediately available and graphed along with the most recent result to facilitate patient management.

Easy to Use

  • Intuitive layout means a very short learning curve. If your staff knows how to use the internet they can get started with Schuynet in minutes.
  • Easy access to records that never have to be archived.
  • Smart search tools will automatically bring up all possible matches to partial names, even if you only enter one letter.
  • List of most recent patients automatically displayed for quick reference.


  • The following standard formats are used to interface Schuynet with other systems: HL7, ASTM 1238, ASTM 1394, Dbase, Comma Delimited ASCII and Fixed Length ASCII.
  • SchuyNet already has an interface created for many popular systems used by medical practices. If an interface does not already exist for a particular system, a custom interface can be written.

Security & HIPAA

  • All information transmitted through SchuyNet is confidential and uses 128 bit encryption method to ensure the security of patient records.
  • Password-protection restricts access only to authorized users.
  • Patient confidentiality maintained by a daily activity log of User I.D.’s accessing patient records.
  • Personally identifiable patient information is communicated directly between the client and Unilab with no third party being used for transmission.

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