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Many of our clients have had cases in which couples choose to use a donor from an agency or have a specific person (relative, friend) in mind. In some cases this can make the entire process more challenging when the donor does not reside within a reasonable driving distance of the IVF clinic. The only options at this point are to send them to the most convenient lab that can draw blood and run the tests or fly the donor in for testing. The first option has limited appeal because it would cause the IVF clinic performing the procedure to potentially use a lab other than the one they have been for their donor testing. This introduces potential variables that can make maintaining full FDA compliance difficult at best. The option of flying the donor in increases the cost for the entire procedure for the recipient couple.

We have developed a service to maintain the consistency of donor testing and FDA compliance for the IVF clinic while minimizing the additional cost of airfare. The solution is our Out of Town Donor Testing Service. With this service the consistency and quality of our FDA donor testing can be done without additional cost. The IVF clinic responsible for testing, the donor and the drawing physician’s office or draw station need to follow these simple steps:

1.)   IVF clinic for recipient couple faxes us an Out of Town Donor Test order form.

2.)   We then send out a complete donor kit with all necessary supplies, shipping materials and instructions to the donor.

3.)   The donor then takes the kit to a physician’s office (typically the IVF clinic that will be doing the hormone monitoring is used since they are very familiar with the whole procedure) or a draw station.

4.)   All specimens are collected, packaged up and shipped back to Unilab for testing.

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