Results Reporting

Unliab’s standard reporting options include fax, or our online system. By default all results are reported using both methods. However, if your office prefers one method over another we can set it up to use that method exclusively for your account.


Our online system is set up to maintain the security needed for patient records and complies with HIPAA regulations. All information transmitted through our online system is confidential and uses 128 bit encryption method to ensure the security of patient records. Password-protection restricts access only to authorized users. Our system also maintains patient confidentiality by maintaining a daily activity log of User I.D.’s accessing patient records. Finally, personally identifiable patient information is communicated directly between the client and Unilab with no third party being used for transmission.

FDA Donor and Other Critical Results

Unilab’s standard operating procedure regarding FDA Donor and other time sensitive results is to contact clients to verbally communicate and confirm a positive result. This is done in addition to providing the result(s) via fax and our online system. This purpose of this policy is to give physicians as much time as possible to provide prompt clinical intervention.

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