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About Us: The rich history of Unilab

The choice to have a baby is one of life’s most important and rewarding decisions. Over fifty years ago, the founder of Unilab, Dr. Julio M. Cortes and his wife Eduvigis, were like many couples, longing for a child and struggling to make that dream a reality. They were experiencing infertility issues. During that time, Dr. Cortes was working as a researcher at the Worcester Foundation for Experimental Biology in Massachusetts–the birthplace of reproductive science in the United States in the early 1960’s. Dr. Eugenia Rosenberg, a colleague in charge of clinical trials, approached Dr. Cortes about trying a new experimental fertility drug called Pergonal. Coping with the many frustrations of infertility, Dr. Cortes and his wife were more than willing to try this new drug.

With good fortune, Eduvigis became pregnant after the first set of dosing. The birth of their son was truly unique and special as it marked the first single birth born from the fertility drug Pergonal in the United States. All previous trials for this drug yielded births of twins or triplets. Remaining on the forefront of fertility testing In 1988, Dr. Cortes continued his quest for resolving the painful challenge of infertility by starting another lab called Unilab of Dade. With a well-established reputation in the field of endocrinology testing, he partnered with the first doctors to practice reproductive medicine in South Florida. The lab expanded and Dr. Cortes’ own son Julio began to take on a partnership role in the lab.

Years later, Julio and his wife would also experience difficulties getting pregnant, only now the resources were readily available and the couple was fortunate to receive assistance from the labs’ clients. This next generation couple would eventually give birth to two beautiful children.

The infertility journey of Unilab’s founder has changed the course of thousands of other lives today. The result of their journey is a specialized lab that has assisted countless doctors in helping their patients conceive successfully and complete their families. Due to the consistently accurate results Unilab has reported over the past 25 years, today 9 out of 10 of the top fertility practices in the state of Florida rely on our testing.

Throughout our history, Unilab has expanded to offer an extensive in-house testing menu to serve most medical specialties and patient needs. Unilab provides physicians and patients with the fastest turn-around time on laboratory services, while upholding the highest standard of accuracy and reliability of test results.

Today, twenty-five years later, Unilab is the largest and only specialized infertility medical lab in Florida. We have assisted in over 10,000 births from reproductive doctors here in South Florida. Unilab is not an ordinary medical testing lab. We offer unique customer service and testing with a distinct understanding of how to help our partnering physicians turn patients into parents.

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