Unilab: 30 years of laboratory excellence in Reproductive & Infertility Testing, Endocrinology, & General Diagnostic Testing in South Florida

UNILAB is a reference laboratory that has specialized in reproductive and endocrine diagnostic testing for over 29 years. The rich history and experience of UNILAB starts with the founder, Dr. Julio Cortes. He had over 40 years of experience in reproductive and endocrine testing dating back to his time at the Worcester Foundation. UNILAB offers an extensive test menu that includes both routine and highly complex assays. UNILAB’s goal is to provide the highest quality testing and customer service for physicians and patients that results in a more personalized experience. UNILAB provides an unparalleled level of comprehensive and compassionate care, while remaining on the forefront of fertility testing.

 What sets UNILAB apart:

9 out of 10 of the top fertility practices in the state of Florida rely on our testing.
UNILAB is the largest and only specialized infertility medical lab in Florida.
We have tested over 75,000 patients for infertility in the past 25 years.
We offer customized test panels for specific practice needs.
UNILAB is FDA approved for Donor Screening.
We have an Online ordering and reporting system.
We are the only lab that provides the Sperm DNA Decondensation Test.